Jasmina Zukan

Integral Development Coach, Professional Triber, and Social Innovator in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Hi. I’m Jasmina.

I believe we are all born as leaders, with the purpose to serve the greater good, in our own unique ways.

My purpose is to help you rediscover yours. And when you do that, you will also discover the joy of living a life that is an expression of your true nature.

I see the love and the excellence in you and I will challenge you to live up to it.

I’ll also give you the biggest, warmest hug just when you need it.

As a coach, I support individuals and groups to expand their way(s) of being into more freedom, which enables them to live more authentically and embrace their purpose. I focus on each individuals’ development as a whole person, the depth and width of their lives. I am attuned to what is useful in this moment, right now.

As a triber, I bring together people who complement each other and help them grow environments of co-creation of new possibilities for themselves and others. I do this based on insights into who they are and what they’re up to in the world and what it is that they need to thrive.

As a social innovator, I design platforms and tools that empower communities to tackle important issues by tapping into the collective wisdom and resources. I respond to the need and gather the tribe, then help them make and tweak the tools that shift them towards new paradigms.

Whether we’re having a coaching conversation, forming a new tribe or designing an app for social enterprise, each encounter is the unique work of art that comes into life when we join our hearts and talk.