Jasmin Bahia

Jasmin Bahia is a qualified and registered Pscyhologist, EMDR Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Traininer and Yoga & Wellbeing Instructor. Working in the Health and Wellbeing sector for over 15 years she brings a grounded and practical approach to Psychology and Yoga.

Jasmin runs a successful practice in Nottingham. A qualified and experienced EMDR Practitioner, she works with the impact of trauma on the mind and body. She offers therapy for inviduals who wish to heal from past traumas and distressing life experiences, working creatively and intelligently to suit the unique needs of each person. Jasmin's main belief is that there is an innate potential in all beings, to self-heal and develop their full potential.

Jasmin runs vibrant Yoga classes and Yoga workshops, bringing along a traditional and contemporary approach to Yoga. She is a qualified and registered 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher, British Wheel of Yoga and REPS Instructor.

Jasmin has a keen interest in meditation and inviting stillness. She believes through a mindful, relevant and creative Yoga practice, a person's life will be more balanced, peaceful and happy. In addition to the mental benefits of Yoga, she notes that regular students of Hatha Yoga develop a more flexible, supple, leaner, stonger yet lighter body shape. Due to the combination of feeling good, people automatically begin to think good, and their self-image and outlook begins to change. The overall aim of Yoga is to create happiness, a sense of achievement, purpose and a deep deep sense of calmness. Allowing people to live a much happier and radiant life.

This passion and purpose of Yoga and Wellbeing is delivered in the Yoga Teacher Trainer courses that are delivered by Bahia Yoga Nottingham. The courses cover all the elements of becoming a successful Yoga Teacher, from lesson plannning, teaching Yoga, Yoga techniques and developing a unique teaching style.

Jasmin is the lead Director of the Yoga Teacher Training Course. They are set up to create effective, confident, knowledgeable and motivated Yoga Teachers, who will be able to teach worldwide with a recognised and crediable qualification.

For futher information, or to say hello and find out more please contact Jasmin direct. Alternatively find her on twitter or facebook.