Jasmine Simpson

Hello out there! Wanna get to know me a little more? Well get ready because you're about to :3 Okay first off I like to say that I love taking pictures obviously haha but I will take more and post them that are not all of me. I'd just thought I would have this backround for the about me. Now, to learn more about me. I've been actually writing since high school, which wasnt that long ago. Ever since 2010 or 2011 is when i started. I joined a poetry club my school had and would be inspired by all the great poems other people wrote. so that helped me to keep going and doing poetry. My poems are about anything ,but mainly its just me expressing how I feel at a certain moment. I also write short stories. Ive started that recently and Im working on one now .Ill post it once im finished. These poems usually consist of pyschological, horror, or fiction themes. I also write inspiratonal things to as I want to help myself and others through anything. I am a fun, loving, creative individual that loves to make myself and others happy. I am dedicated to the peolpe and things I love. I love dance, art, photography, friends , going places, time alone, music, social networking, learning, and nature, Now to get a little more deep.Something about me that is the reason I started this blog is that in the past I wasn't always like this. I have had some tough times just like anyone else. Through that though I have learned to be strong and determined and express my creativnesss. So always be true to yourself, never let go, and be passionate about what you love. That is something I try and tell myself. Another Is that I will never go back to being that one person that isnt that. I will never give up! so I started this blog to stay strong and true to myself. Because this is the time of my life and others where we're just trying to figure out who we are, where we stand in life, and where to go. I believe that is you put your best foot forward and move you'll figure it out. sorry this is so long. I hope you can find it useful. remember its only the tip of the iceburg! Lastly, fight for what you deserve beacuase in the end it's all up to you!