Jasmine Nicole Wilson

Established Febuary 9, 1996

16 and counting

I am OBSESSED with Tie-Dye (just look at my twitter)

I hate compliments they make me feel weird.

I love coffee&&energy drinks.

Im naturally loud,hyper, and anything else that might make me seen crazy.

Im a ZEBRAA (im a black and white child)

Sanity kills so i live the crazy life. -lil waynee

I never ever trip just peace happiness and love. -drakee.

I'm in love with lil wayne and ill marry drake. justsayinn

Confession 1: Im a flirt; sorry cant help it.

You dont like me, then stand in line with the other bitches waiting for me to give a fuck.

Im not mean unless i have to be.

My mom is my hero.

My 12 year old sister is my idol. She shaved her head for kids with cancer.

Did i mention im crazy,loud and insane? I think i did.

I HATE fake people, liars&&backstabbers.

As of right now i have 2 bestfriends, thats all im looking for.

Im a work in progress and a piece of art. Im not perfect, and i wont try to be.

I'll only live once so i try everything twice.

I'm a troublemaker so if your a goody-two shoes then watch out.

Singleeee(: and im actually happy.

I hate drama so dont drag me into it.

I dont start shit.

Generally most girls dont like me, but i prefer the opposite sex so its aightt.

Keep Calm;Stay Classy


Sophomore Swag

Class of Twenty-Fourteen

You Only Live Once thats the motto nigga YOLO

Imma bad mothafucka cause the good die young

Dancing is my passion

All you need is love

And im obsessed with the Beatles&