I'm a Singer - Composer - StockBroker // My Profesional Carier join with Elfa Music Studio - Patria - DH Production, now I'm Produced by own self in this Industry // My first Discography is Religi Single in 2011 will Launch on this Ramadhan . The title "Bertaubat " Composed by Jasmine and Arrangger Eka Bhakti Happy Pretty etc.I've just released a new single titled Lirih Hati as my latest project me as a commposer , acompanying me in this project they are Kadek,Rossa, Changa, and Irwan Ardian as a Producer . I'm a Singer of Tropical Waves - Religi Single with Patria - D"hebrieng // I'm the one of advertisement actress Sendal Rendy - TV Scope and Now I'm join with UOB Kayhian Securites as employee // About me I'm born in Bandung, Birth on July 7th 1974 W : 59 , H : 160 on Diet program - I'm Really feel a Woman, I'm a Proud of Mom with two handsome boys Rhyzad 13 and Makesha 5, I 'll give the rest of my life for my Son and my Mom ... I'm Jasmine thankyou.