kuma / raine

Student in Texas

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my name is kuma but you can also call me raine or bear if you want

i use she/her OR he/him pronouns so go wild

video games i like are: splatoon (please play it with me) street fighter 5, guilty gear, naruto: the broken bond, every naruto ultimate ninja storm game, bayonetta 2 (i've never played 1 but when i get money i will), pokemon yellow, yo-kai watch ofc, rhythm heaven fever, kirby triple deluxe, style savvy trendsetters, phoenix wright (i'm not playing it atm but you'll know when i am), mighty switch force, the windwaker hd, radiohammer, zelda the minish cap, project mirai dx, animal crossing new leaf, happy home designer, and amiibo festival ((fight me)), shantae & the pirates curse, kirby and the amazing mirror, warioware inc.

shows i like currently are: cardcaptor sakura, yo-kai watch (not the dub tho), ajin the demi-human, parks and rec, steven universe, lakewood plaza turbo (i love rad hes so important to me) the... the Jontron Show...

movies i like are: zootopia and the boy and the beast SURPRISE im actually a furry

youtubes i like: jontron (#teamjon), game grumps but like....... #teamjon, commander holly, polaris even tho they r sellouts, ZAIBATSU ZAIBATSU ZAIBATSU, OR SUPER BEST FRIENDS PLAY IF YOU CALL THEM THAT, octopimp... he bullies me but i love him, mortem3r she is my queen... yotam perel or lazypillow watch his animations they are great, jacksfilms, also egoraptor but he's lazy so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

music i like: i honestly like the sonic r soundtrack ironically but also a bit unironically, im a soundclown nerd also i like akihabara, kling, doujinshi, fluxxy, meltycanon, and baq5. i love vaporwave ironically but also unironically i listen to it a lot more than i should

comics i like are: shootaroun, ajin, and lumberjanes. also nimona and the 1st and 2nd book of the scott pilgrim series

thats it

please tag me as kuma or bear from yokai watch bc thats me right there...... also tag me as robonyan

dm me a pic from a video game i like to follow!