Jasmin Farnum

Consultant in New Jersey

Jasmin Farnum

Consultant in New Jersey

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Jasmin Farnum

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Multimedia Producer

Business Consultant

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DT818 Boutique

DDN Rx Regional Sales Representative

Mission Statement: Why spend money on what is not bread,and your labor on what does not satisfy? [Isaiah 55:2]

Working my purpose from the position of power and strength.

Vision: Her vision is fixed solidly on God and a belief system that allows her to walk by faith not by sight. With that belief system it is understood that change comes from within and the rewards may not be immediate but that is no reason to quit moving forward.

Business Philosophy: Move forward on purpose in purpose with purpose, which essentially means "Never let it rest until you are better than YOUR best that God fashioned you to be.” In business, she asks herself these questions: [1] Is it clear; [2] Can I do it [3] Will it work, [4] Who needs it, [5] How will it make money? For her it is not business as usual.

Farnum holds a MBA minor in Business Administration and major in Media Management. She produces and directs both traditional and new media content. For the past 10 years she has works with start-ups, non-profits, Church Pastors and small business owners aiding them to start or expand their visions.

She loves creating passive & residual incomes.

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