Jasmin Husain


I am a twenty-year-old proud Torontonian and currently a third-year Journalism student at Ryerson University. I'm head over heels for the communications world and digital storytelling. You might just see me on your television screen one day as an ambition of mine is to have my own talk show to impact and change the way people see things and re-define the meaning of creativity and inspiration. Other than school, the soccer field is my home away from home where I am a dedicated player, coach and referee. As a sports lover, my dream is to also head to one of the Olympics and use my digital storytelling skills to give viewers a new insight on the games.

Aside from my digital dreams, I love working and interacting with people; kids, teens, older adults; I believe there's something you can learn from everyone. I want to impact the way people percieve things, and help them understand the authenticity and value behind interaction and how we can all learn from each other. Plus, I think talking to others is a great way for forward-thinking and using our ideas to innovate on current practices.

Last but not least, one of my biggest passions is acting. Since the red carpet rolled out, I've dreamed of winning an Oscar as a young child. It's definitely a goal that's always in the back of my mind. But I'm truly motivated with the idea of dream chasing. Following my dreams is something I have done from a young age and something I will never stop doing; no matter what it takes. I love the hustle and hard work needed to get to where I'm going. But most of all, I'm inspired by the beauty of living every day like it's the last and I think that anything is truly possible if you just believe.

  • Work
    • RUtv News, Ryerson Career Centre
  • Education
    • Ryerson University '16