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My name is Jasmin Silva, I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania but I was born with HUGE Dreams. Those dreams are what compose Jasmin Silva Universe. I was a born entertainer from a young age I would put on shows for my family I would dance, play the piano and sing. This has always been what I wanted to do. During High School I started to model. On a photo-shoot I didn't like the the makeup that was done on me, so I decided that I would learn how to do a professional job with my own makeup. This proved very useful for all of the performances and photo-shoots I have done since. My makeup abilities have really grown in the last few years with airbrush makeup. Now the only foundation I use is the professional line from Temptu which I ADORE!

Everything on this site has my hand in it, the makeup, hair, treatments for videos and photoshoots all have my hand in them. Even some of the jewelry! It is all truly my Universe.
The look on this page was inspired by the classic women of old hollywood who wore the lace hats. I used a silkscreen stencil of a round lace doily to airbrush the lace pattern on my face and then tediously applied almost 100 Red, black and clear crystals on my face. There are also subtile pinks and golds underneath the lace for dimension. After many hours of applying this look it took about 25 minutes to shoot during the beautiful sunset.

When it comes to schooling I studied Voice at Peabody Conservatory before I became obsessed with what makes recorded music sound so good or so bad. Some records sound so vibrant, alive and spacious. And some sound like they were recorded in a tin can. What makes that difference? This question led me to Music Production. So naturally I decided to transfer and study the Production and Engineering of Music at Berklee College of Music. I set my goal, I applied to only one school and in my admissions interview which was with the head of admissions I told him that I know Berklee is for me, I did not apply anywhere else because I am going here. I will apply over and over again until I am in so please do not waste my time or yours because this is where I belong. And then I was in. Anything you want in life if you work hard and believe in yourself without a doubt you can do it. Although I do have moments where music can seem unattainable, they are fleeting moments. I was born to entertain.

I am Jasmin Silva and Welcome to my Universe XOXO

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