Jason Harcombe

Sales, fonts, and typography in Dorking, United Kingdom

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I've taken a curious road through builders merchants to recruitment, then on to web intelligence then into typography.

I have no idea how; but someone thinks I'm good at what I do.

I've worked with some of the largest companies and agencies in the world on web reach and development, SEO, PPC, demographic and lifestyle targetting, brand development, typography, web fonts and accessibility. I'm also learning more about user experience and information architecture. I'm also an advocate of web accessibility and sensible UX.

I have a son called Oscar who promises to be better than me in every way and I have a daughter called Willow who is my best friend or Satan. There is no in between.

Once upon a time, I was a reasonable footballer. Now, retired after 12 years as captain of the 'Gators, I'm coaching youth football and loving it.

Used ot have a beard, and love a good hat.

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