Jason Kumpf

Consultant in San Francisco, California

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Jason Kumpf is an international business expert. He helps companies penetrate the global market in an efficient and successful manner. Not only has Kumpf lived and worked abroad for over twenty years, but he also has developed a vast network of associated business professionals. From international law, accounting, compliance, employment, and human resources, to real estate, trade, shipping, import/export, and ecommerce, Kumpf understands the ins and out of international business operations. He has experience in Global Fortune 500 companies and startups and has led initiatives resulting in hundreds of millions in revenues and transactions. Kumpf is currently involved with several organizations ranging from investment advising in Europe, project management of global IT projects, marketing for national U.S. consumer electronics companies, business development for California start up technology companies, sales for New York real estate firms and consulting for private equity, and investment banking and technology firms.

Whether it’s giving them new ideas to use themselves or by showing them new tools they can use to improve their business, Kumpf loves helping people. He worked as an advisor at The Incubation Factory Veterans Corps where he forged teams of U.S. Veterans that developed cutting edge technology, which successfully commercialize technology transfer ventures. Kumpf is passionate about new technology and has invested in multiple startups. His entrepreneurial curiosity gives him the ability to identify opportunities and challenges businesses face while his energetic spirit motivates teams to outperform the competition and achieve their goals.

Jason Kumpf is an expert in global ecommerce, helping hundreds of firms improve their global operational efficient and instantly increase profits. Offering the latest updates and information for ETailers and Ecommerce groups at ETailECommerce.com (http://etailecommerce.com/). Partnering with other leaders in the Ecommerce space to bring the best insights and tools to readers and clients.

Kumpf has spoken at international business conferences and co-hosted a political and business radio show. Having experience college in the US and Europe, Jason attended Emory University in Atlanta, University of Florida in Gainesville and then Deree College in Europe, earning a B.S. in Finance and Accounting.