Jason Leong

Jason Leong is co-founder of PocketSmith, a personal finance startup based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Jason attended the University of Otago (BA Philosophy, 2000) and began his career in web by running a consultancy that developed customised web solutions for clients including Herman Miller Inc. In 2001 he started as a web developer at New Zealand web development firm eMedia Limited. The company went public shortly thereafter and he served there for 8 years as a developer, designer, then Head of Development. In 2006 he took the role of CEO to manage eMedia’s turnaround, which eventuated in its acquisition in 2008. In 2008 he co-founded PocketSmith with James Wigglesworth and Francois Bondiguel, where he is responsible for design, strategy and low-level software development. Jason is also a co-founder of The Distiller, a cluster of technology entrepreneurs, and is responsible for the ongoing design and refinement of the Sprints, a framework for enabling startups. Like the other co-founders of The Distiller, he take a hands-on approach towards providing local entrepreneurs with advice and support. He continues to seek opportunities for The Distiller by forging relationships with entrepreneur support organisations and private and public entities both local and abroad, as well as with faculties at the University of Otago.