Jason Osborne

President and Co-Founder, STEM Education, and Chief Innovation Officer in Texas

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Jason provides educational experiencesfor students and teachers through STEM methodology, research, and engaging field investigations. He has over 100 invited presentations including venues such as: The White House, Google, New York Academy of Science, USA Science and Engineering festival, and many universities. His current role in education include the Chief Business Officer for the virtual reality software company, syGlass. Prior to syGlass he ser as Chief Innovation Officer for the Ector County Independent School District, STEM role model and Host Researcher for National Geographic JASON Project , and President and Cofounder for the citizen science non-profit organisation Paleo Quest. In addition to his role in education Jason maintains a partnership with industry leaders by consulting with Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus and National Institutes of Health.

Jason’s work in science, engineering, communication and education have been recognized and featured in publications and media outlets such as Nature, Science, Scientific American, Popular Science, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TEDx, MSNBC, CNN, and NPR. In June 2013, President Obama and the White House Executive Office of The President recognized Jason as a Champion of Change for his national impact on science literacy and science education.

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