Jason Parman

Digital Performance Manager in Louisville, Kentucky

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Jason Parman

Digital Performance Manger at Ford Direct

Jason Parman offers almost two decades of accomplishment-laden experience in the automotive industry, driving achievement of the highest priority in Sales Growth, Dealership Brand Development, BDC Development and Training, Reputation Management, Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies, Dealership Management, and Dealership Operations. A key strategic and tactical contributor in efforts that helped launch two successful Automotive BDC Center Businesses, with his most recent effort including Traver Connect™ owned by the legendary John Traver, former owner of Traver Technologies™. Jason brings valuable insight and knowledge regarding the leadership and management challenges faced by dealerships, small start-ups, and growing companies and brands.

Beginning his career as an Internet Sales Manager for a small Buick, Pontiac, and GMC store in London, KY. Jason developed an interest in the growing field of Automotive Internet Sales and parlayed that interest into one of the most successful Automotive Internet Departments in Southeastern, KY increasing overall sales by 50%. Demonstrating initiative from the start, Jason developed his own signature follow-up process, which included custom made scripts and email templates designed to provide information, build rapport, create a phone call, and increase showroom traffic, quickly distinguishing himself as a major up and coming star in the automotive industry.

Leveraging an ever-expanding knowledge in Automotive Internet Sales lead Jason to a position with Autotrader.com. Taking over a fledgling territory in Southeastern, KY, Jason quickly established himself as a representative that the dealer could count on for not only advice, but strategies to help increase market-share by efficiently using the Autotrader.com solutions. It was his knowledge of Automotive Internet Sales and his ability to effectively help his dealership clients that led him to his next opportunity with Automobile BDC.

At Automobile BDC Jason was hired to take his knowledge of Automotive Internet Sales and create an Outsourced BDC Solution to help dealers who wanted to create a BDC, but because of time constraints and funds could not create an in-house BDC Center. Hiring and training over 70 BDC Reps, Jason further honed his processes that he developed early on in his career to effective

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