Jason Frazer

Burlington Ontario Canada

From the earliest days of my life. I have always embraced an explorative mindset. Imagination has been something that has driven me in every aspect of my life from my recreational pursuits to my professional career.

I love what I do, my linkedin page states simply: I integrate technology with expertise to solve security riddles.' but it goes far beyond that. My ethics have ensured that I work in an industry that makes the world a safer & better place and that satisfaction cannot be measured against anything.

I bike, ski, play hockey (ice hockey to my American friends), play any sports my children discover, say 'about' a lot, drink too much Tim Horton's and most importantly, I laugh...and make others laugh too.

I do not like to live by adages or expressive quotes but if I was wrestled for only one choice, it would be: 'LAUGH'

  • Work
    • Security Consulting
  • Education
    • Brock University
    • ASIS International
    • Wicklander-Zulawski Investigative Interviewing