Jason Wharmby

Folkestone, Kent

I'm a keen web developer, specializing in frontend design and development. I've been using computers for a majority of my life - I have grown up around them!



I currently work as a Website Administrator, in charge of looking after an online electrical wholesaler website and their related social media sites, uploading and editing products, ensuring pricing strategy is competitive, as well as profitable. I keep their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus feeds up-to-date and active with new products, promotions and goodies.

I produce email marketing campaigns to boost sales during an event - the Easter Weekend bank holiday for example. Using a mix of visual graphics and punchy, engaging text I ensure customers return with a discount code in hand and a grin on their face.



I am keen to progress in my industry, I'd love to work for a large organisation in a content development, or marketing field. Digital Marketing & Content has always been a passion of mine, and I have always been interested in finding out how what I produce would entice a customer, whilst being in their mindset and creating engaging, exciting content - promoting a brand further.

I enjoy being pushed, and I love a challenging environment to show off what I am capable of producing.

  • Work
    • Web Administrator
  • Education
    • A Levels