Jason Arthur

Writer, Photographer, and Entreprenuer in Detroit, MI

Jason Arthur is a writer, motorsport photographer, amateur racecar driver, and an accidental entrepreneur. He has a disturbingly deep obsession with the automotive world and loves to explore whatever roads he can find. From high-speed racing on the circuit to off-road exploration, Jason has an insatiable appetite for adventure. Jason has written for numerous publications, including Autocar Magazine, Motorsport Magazine, and Road & Track.

Jason’s raced cars, wrecked cars, and produced many car-related artworks, articles, and talks. Jason grew up in Michigan, lived a long time in Los Angeles, and is now back in Michigan, which he’s hoping doesn’t make him some kind of loser.

Jason is currently building a blockchain-based vehicle data marketplace (still in stealth mode) along with a few other projects that he’s working on.

And that car Jason’s standing in front of? BMW E36 M3. It’s his favorite car and he’s spent countless hours and dollars restoring and customizing it to perfection. He’ll tell you all about it if you ask.

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    • LookupAPlate,VinChain(stealth)