Jason Ashley Kepner

Writer, Case Manager, and Volunteer in Baltimore, Maryland

Not all of life's worthwhile ambitions start out dreamy eyed in a college admissions office, or at the altar while held captive in wedded bliss and a color - coordinated put on, or at career hurtle cross examinations with a summary of the benefits package to follow. Fade in on Jason Ashley Kepner; an unassuming native of Baltimore, Maryland who has spent much more time pursuing the avant-garde than the customary gridlock. But don't panic, he's not trying to be your life coach; he's just sitcom's newest game changer.

With his newest sitcom project, Jason drives the theme home. Most Unlikely follows an ensemble of twenty something friends who are all checking their inhibition laden credentials at the door to find the most eccentric ways to succeed in life, line of work, and overall thrill of the chase! With that said, these characters jump off the page as uniquely strong individuals who make no apologies for being themselves. It's no accident, coming from a writer who is just as unconventional as the characters that he gives the audience such a familiar understanding of. Upon that "world at one's doorstep" graduation from college, Jason bypassed a step onto the corporate ladder for a career in human services that landed him in some of the harshest realities and environments to lend help to the disabled, at risk, displaced, and homeless. Even his study of sitcom occurred at a life stage at which most in his surroundings were encouraging him to pursue a much more traditional route. The result might be an altogether re-energized platform. Jason's approach to scene and overall script structure is a nice fit for the new media marketplace with characters and story lines that are equally enjoyable in transit, on desktop, or in living room. While conveying a sidesplitting loyalty to the sitcom genre, Jason's writing is in its origins a genuine - while even at the risk of controversy, narrative that transcends demographics to offer a glimpse into individual motivations. In a bold leaving behind of the time honored and well established green light and stamp of approval usually sought to pursue such projects, this is the type of "caution to the wind" undertaking we've all been clamoring for - albeit Most Unlikely.

  • Education
    • Towson University
    • Archbishop Curley High School