Jason Benne

St. Charles, Missouri

I'm just short of an Associates Degree in Computer Science-Networking.

A little about me.

Years of experience working with computers.
Thrives on problem solving, and has a passion for helping people with their technology problems.
Always thinking of new ways to how people implement new technology in their day to day lives to help improve life and get their work done faster.

My background in computing.

My first computer was Tandy 1000, I couldn't do much with it other than some word processing and of course play a few games. That was just the start for me, after a few years my family got IBM 386, then we were given an IBM 486 with Windows 3.1.1, and I thought that ever person should have one of these magic boxes in their home. Ever since then my early days in computing I have been fascinated with all aspects of computers and networking. I have a real passion for helping people solving their computer problems and for helping people do their jobs. To me computer is a tool, a means not an end. Computers use and should be easy to use, and that is why I enjoy helping people with technology.

  • Education
    • St. Charles Community College