Jason Berkowitz

Digital Marketer in New York

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As a New York local and resident SEO expert I'm the man who keeps on top of the ever-changing search engine updates to ensure that the company’s methods are second to none.

My early SEO career grew out of his own attempts to gain traction online. As I continued to research SEO methods to boost my own young business I realized that what I was exploring was something that ignited my passion. Since then SEO has become my calling.

Years ago I was a busy young entrepreneur looking to make a difference in the business I was growing at the time. What I found as I explored my options wasn’t just an understanding of SEO and online marketing—it was my calling.

Now my work every day is to share the passion I discovered with others. I not only get to help grow dozens of businesses, but I am also continually learning new and exciting things about Internet marketing.

I also get to work with a whole bunch of people who are some of the best at what they do.

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