Jason A. Bobb

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner in California

Jason A. Bobb

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner in California

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Jason Bobb: A Visionary Leader, Strategic Partner & Product Inventor

Jason is an innovative, resourceful, and proven leader with an unwavering commitment to integrity. His guiding principle is simple: “I do what I say I will do, every time.” As an entrepreneur, successful product inventor, and passionate businessman, Jason constantly seeks strategic partnerships to enhance effectiveness and drive investment. His unwavering focus on success is measured by 30 years of consistent follow-through in business.

Key Attributes:

Solutions Provider: Jason is a solutions-oriented thinker who thrives on overcoming challenges. His ability to find creative solutions benefits both his team and the corporate boards he serves.

Motivational Leader: As an inspired leader, Jason effectively motivates employees to strive for their personal best. He fosters a positive work environment and encourages collaboration, working side-by-side with every level of the organization to adapt processes and methods for achieving cost savings, and efficiencies.

Product Instincts: Jason possesses strong product instincts from over 30 years in the consumer electronics industry. Whether designing products from scratch or adapting existing products, he has a proven track record of success in innovation where the final result exceeds expectations in innovation, function & profitability.

Sales and Market Expertise: With a wealth of experience, Jason has seen and sold over 100 thousand products in his professional career, both directly or indirectly. He has also designed product packaging, and marketing materials and understands the intricacies of the sales process and consumer buying motivations His unique perspective, gained from being both a seller and a buyer, sets him apart in both his perspective and solutions

Jason’s years of experience have honed his skill set, making him an invaluable asset in any business context. His unwavering commitment to excellence and strategic vision continue to drive his success.

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