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Founder of Jason Bond Picks in Lee, NH

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Jason Bond is a professional trader and founder of Jason Bond Picks. An experienced trader and entrepreneur, he has helped people escape the 9-5, take control of their life and find financial freedom by winning small cap swing trades. He teamed up with well-known trader and mentor Jeff Bishop to learn the ins and outs of trading, before co-founding RagingBull.com, or also known as Raging Bull Trading. Today, he is known as one of the leaders in education and training for trading and the stock market.

After becoming a full-time trader in 2012, Jason Bond knew he wanted to give back out of his abundance. In 2012, just five years after entering the full-time trading, Jason donated all of his trading profit to recognized charities. This led him to start, along with his partner and mentor, Jeff Bishop, the RagingBull.com Foundation.

The RagingBull.com Foundation is dedicated to donating trading profits to charities around the world, fulfilling the mission of "Trading Profits Paid Forward." Currently, the RagingBull.com Foundation has pledged over $512,000 to charities!