Jason C. Brooks "BrooxC"

Consultant, Writer, and Father in Palmer, Massachusetts

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My name is Jason C. Brooks. I am a very passionate, creative, and outspoken individual.

I find great joy and fulfillment in utilizing my creative talents to provide outstanding service, guidance, and expertise in every endeavor, thus making my work both satisfying and rewarding.

I have worked professionally as a business analyst for close to a decade, but have always had a deep affinity for marketing and sales, process mapping and improvement, data analysis, and most importantly customer focused service.

My creative nature and lust for knowledge, both practical and theoretical, led me to study online and offline marketing, web design, data collection and analysis, social media, multimedia design and production, P.R., community, and mindset; some of the areas I am most passionate about.

It is in these areas that I focus my writing, and also where I am best able to assist people in need of my services.

I consider myself to be a member of a community of people who these ideas resonate with, of people who want to be the teachers, and the people who want to learn. Those who want to be heard, but also choose to listen.

I truly believe that it is my mission in life to educate while I learn, to start the conversations that need to be had, to facilitate and participate, and to build a brand and foster a community.

That purpose has driven me to take the first steps and start this site, to embrace my readers, and to provide value in every word, every image, and every way that I possibly can to all who stumble across these pages.

My journey is one that is only just beginning, and I fully intend to pour my personality, my compassion, and my heart into this work.

So it is with great respect, and a sense of wonderment and awe that I present myself.

A leader and a student, a coach and a fan, a creator and a consumer. But mostly a professional...

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