Jason Cholewa

Lexington, KY

Jason Cholewa is a faculty member within the Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies Department at Coastal Carolina University. He draws on his many years of research and experience in the field of human performance to teach strength and conditioning, exercise science, and sports nutrition courses.

Jason Cholewa also runs an online fitness consulting company, Big Red Physical Performance, where clients are provided with individualized, evidence based training and nutrition programs. He is adept at using virtual technology to assess movement patterns, coach technique, and measure the progression of clients living across the country and globe.

To complete his PhD program, Jason Cholewa has completed a considerable amount of research over the course of his academic and professional career. He has recently secured grants from both Danisco and DuPont Nutrition and Health. He has also shared his findings with peers at the World Congress for Exercise Is Medicine and the National Convention of the American College of Sports Medicine. Moreover, he has published his work in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

At Springfield College Jason Cholewa held the title of Assistant Coach with Springfield's bodybuilding team. Aside from helping to develop exercise regimens and instructing students on proper spotting and lifting techniques, he uses his knowledge of nutrition to discuss supplements with the team.

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