Jason Clarke

I have a passion for brand awareness and using that awareness to tell a story. I have always been a storyteller from the time I told my mom a dinosaur ate my brother till the time I hosted a statewide training on how front-load laundry can now fold your clothes.

One of the most important lessons I learned during my undergraduate degree was how to put everything I have into my work and my education. I had a goal to graduate without student loans and I was fortunate to be able to work 60+ hours per week to be able to achieve that goal. I was able to teach myself how to organize and prioritize my life to be able to achieve a 3.7 GPA throughout my Masters Degree and budget my expenses to stay out of debt. I was able to prioritize my activities and do something most of my peers have yet to think of... I grew up.

I had many opportunities to grow my management and sales expertise. I was fortunate to have two internships as a marketing analyst, early morning work as a campus custodian and then student manager, an assistant retail store manager, and a sales specialist in the appliance section at Sears. These opportunities along with my education prepared me for my job as a Sales Development Representative for the state of Utah. During the two years I held the position I saw sales increase from $35 million per year to $53 million per year. This success was due to multiple training and marketing events that increased brand awareness in the region, built trusting relationships with top sales associates at the national retailers, and held product demonstrations to showcase the superior products we offered.