Jason Clewell

I'm an online guy. I work online. I play online. I live online. From Twitter and Facebook, to the latest apps, to keeping in touch with the buzziest tech/social/marketing blogs – I'm completely mesmerized with interactive and technology. While there’s no doubt that the web is in my wheelhouse, my experience doesn’t start and stop with the Internet. Throughout my career, I’ve been a part of every phase of marketing and brand building, including positioning, naming, logo/identity development, campaign conception and execution, and of course, interactive strategy and development. Unlike a lot of my digital strategy brethren, who tend to come from a more technical/computer science realm, my background is in hardcore marketing, or more precisely, effective hardcore marketing. That gives me a rather unique point of view when it comes to interactive strategy. Basically, I’m a tech-geek with a real-world degree in marketing; that’s a pretty powerful combination.