Jason Cornes

Life Coaching in Westham, United Kingdom

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It can be lonely in Business. I have set up and run my own small businesses all my working life. I know what's it's like and how it feels. I have walked the walk and now I'm here to help you on your business journey.

- Creating and maintaining focus on what's important.

- Managing Business change.

- Work/Life balance issues.

- Improving existing business model or creating new.

- Business start-ups from concept to launch and ongoing.

- Making an unprofitable business profitable.

- Niching and Branding. New or existing business.

- Converting 'Jack of all trades' into specialists.

- Business Plans. For investment and other uses.

- Personality/Strengths testing and learning.

- Sounding board for ongoing decision making.

- Marketing plans and social media marketing.

- Pricing of products and services.

- Setting and achieving goals for business growth.

- Reaching target customers and increasing sales.

- Helping you to get organised and efficient.

- Helping you to manage feelings and values when making decisions.

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