Jason DeArmond

Temecula, CA

I'm not your typical graphic designer. I don't have a million side projects or a studio covered with weird kitchy things to show how unique I am (Well, there are a dozen or so Star Wars items, but that's it, I swear). My desk is a mess. My mind is all over the place. So, I crave simplicity. In design. In communication. That's probably why I've gravitated to logo design—taking the whole of what a business is about and creating a mark which tells a simple and clear story. It's a challenge but every problem has a solution and it's my job to find it.

I have a family; an amazing wife and two kids. I live in Temecula. I work out of my home. Simple.

  • Work
    • www.DeArmondCreative.com
  • Education
    • BS Business Marketing