Jason Dvorin

Managing Director in Portland, Oregon

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Meet Jason Dvorin, an oil and gas professional who moved from the ground game to the air game. With more than thirty years of industry experience working in the oil and gas sector, Jason Dvorin has established himself as a challenge-driven professional and insightful entrepreneur whose experience translates perfectly into his new venture in the aerospace industry.

After working with a friend in the mining industry in South America, Jason decided to expand his career in the oil and gas industry. This combination of his background and skills allowed him to step into his current position as the managing director of KSV. He is responsible for overseeing the company's business development.

Although he is an aerospace professional, Jason Dvorin has a wide range of experience in other industries. He has worked in various capacities, such as in the hydraulic fracturing process, chemical and petroleum engineering, and extraction drilling processes. Working in the aerospace industry, Jason brings together his expertise in petroleum, oil and gas, finance, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering to drive his career now focused on energy development technologies, supersonic aviation, and hypersonic aviation.

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