Jason E. Lee

Automotive, Photography, and Training in Phoenix, Arizona

Jason E. Lee

Automotive, Photography, and Training in Phoenix, Arizona

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Jason E. Lee's Manifesto

I am working to share this life with everyone, touching as many lives as I can. I will be the best father, husband, son, brother, and person I can be. I will work to be successful wherever I am and with whatever I am given. I will inspire and be inspired. I will be genuine, ingenious, magnanimous, and most of all, myself. I am Jason E. Lee and the best have yet to begin. Keep an eye on me because someday you will catch yourself saying, "I know that guy."

Author of "Visions of the Unknown"

Jason E. Lee was born in Clarinda, Iowa. He has various interests including music listening, playing, and composing; as well writing children's books, fiction, and poetry. He delights himself in learning everything from how plastic forks is made, to understanding the inner workings of the Large Hadron Collider. Jason is always redefining himself.

Jason is a fan of all thing's science fiction. Some of his favorite authors include Douglas Adams and Michael Crichton.

Jason has several friends and family members, who have always been an inspiration.

Jason E. Lee memorable quotes:
"If it's not on Wikipedia, you spelled it wrong." – Jason E. Lee

"If you can't Google it, you may be stupid." – Jason E. Lee

"Google, it's more than an internet thing, it's a way of life." – Jason E. Lee

"Your life is a result of all your worst mistakes and what you decided to do about them. The blessings you have is just the magic that fills in the gaps." – Jason E. Lee

"Life is NOT about how much you make, unless what you make is a difference." – Jason E. Lee

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