Jason Grill

Kansas City, Missouri

Jason Grill is the Principal and Owner of JGrill Media where he centers his attention on media relations, pr, public affairs, & government relations. Under this umbrella, he also works as a local, state, & national contributor/commentator. Jason writes for the Huffington Post, Politico, KC Business, & the Recovering Politician. He is a television political analyst for Fox 4 WDAF, a regular contributor to Wall Street Journal Radio, and the host of Entrepreneur KC Show on KMBZ out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Jason Grill is a former two-term member of the Missouri House of Representatives. At this position he passed historic legislation to help families of children with autism.

Additionally, Jason Grill is an attorney and adjunct professor at Park University. Previously, he worked in the White House with a senior advisor to Vice President Al Gore and an advisor to President Bill Clinton, Alvin Brown (Currently Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida), as well as at the CNN with senior political correspondent, Brooks Jackson (Director of factcheck.org).

Jason Grill enjoys working and living in the city of Kansas City, Missouri. He continues to grow the entrepreneur and startup scene in the city and is a mentor at the business accelerator Spark Lab KC. Jason, along with two other cofounders, started the high quality and affordable company Sock 101 out of Kansas City.

  • Education
    • Saint Louis University
    • University of Missouri, Columbia