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"Over the years I've been viewed around the circuit as an intelligent and committed businessman. I am extremely grateful for the gift that God has given me, but keenly aware I will not pitch forever. I choose to use my platform as a professional athlete to foster my growth, as well as the growth of others in the world of business."

Perfect Pitch Marketing is the brainchild of Jason Grilli. A perfect vehicle to highlight Jason’s talents & business savvy. Created in 2007, PPM aims to help all sized businesses reach their potential for success. Grilli aims to, “Strike Out The Competition" using a variety of marketing approaches including:

Social Media Marketing
Brand & Network Marketing
Social Marketing Fulfillment
Understanding Social Media ROI
SEO Optimization
Social Networks & Joint Ventures
Online/Offline & Internet Marketing

Grilli is the author of 9 Innings For Social Media Success. He enjoys networking with individuals inside & outside of the professional sports arena.

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  • Work
    • Los Angeles Angels
  • Education
    • Seton Hall University
    • LeMoyne College
    • Syracuse University