J. Michael Harper

Are you a small business in the Knoxville area who needs professional marketing help? Do your ads not bring in as much business as you thought they would? Are you struggling to figure out how to make your marketing efforts work?

If yes, then you need my help.

You see, the most important part of your promotions are often the most rushed and overlooked... the words.

Many small business owners concentrate on layout... sweat over graphics... etc... But they rush the actual words used in their ad...

Or in their website...

Or in their brochures...

That's why I've decided to help small business owners such as yourself with your marketing goals. Whether you need to revamp your website, create a brochure for a new product, or develop an ad to go in the paper, you need my help.

If you're interested in my help, send for my FREE information kit. Email, call, or write, and I'll send it to you ASAP.

In the kit you'll get a welcome letter detailing what I can do for you... testimonials about my work... my biographical background... samples of work I've done... a service schedule listing what I charge for assignments and a description of each item... a convenient fee chart... even an order form you can use to put me to work for you.

Even if you don't have a project in mind at the moment, why not send for the Information Kit anyway? You have nothing to lose. And the next time you have a project, you won't waste valuable time searching for the perfect copywriter... you'll have my information already on your shelf.