Jason Jantz

Jason Jantz of Vancouver, British Columbia, runs a call center solutions business that connects consumer companies to their ideal customer bases. Mr. Jantz founded his first company, a business-to-business call center, in the mid 2000s. He quickly grew this enterprise into a regionally recognized leader in the development and management of inbound-outbound marketing campaigns for mid-size businesses from multiple different industries, including travel and insurance. Today, Jason Jantz serves as a well-respected figure in the industry because of his ability to increase bottom lines for clients while overseeing consumer-friendly marketing initiatives.

Before beginning his career in marketing and business building, Jason Jantz studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), British Columbia’s largest post-secondary school. At BCIT, he learned how effective and creative marketing strategies work to boost company profit margins and increase customer acquisition rates. Today, Jason Jantz engages in professional development as a member of the leading US trade group Direct Marketing Association and as an active participant in the British Columbia Contact Centre Association. At the latter, he benefits from regional networking and brainstorming opportunities.