Jason Jie

's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Through changes we innovate. Innovations are cool.

Born in a Chinese/Surinam family, I was always interested in cultural differences. That and videogames. I started playing videogames at the age of 1. At first I thought Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda would not really help me in my (professional) life. But later I realised that it was actually through these videogames that I developed my English and also problem-solving skills.

At school I always had an interest and affinity with computers (besides gaming). I remember the first time my parents got Internet at home and how excited I was to build my own websites with Geocities and Tripod. The exciting part for me was to discover how everything worked and to configure it just as long as it worked smooth and the design was perfect. At University, I added Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver to my skills and even followed some special courses in Australia (Down Under, because I also like to travel abroad).

In my professional life, the skills that started with videogames, I have focused on informationmanagement at public organisations. I tap into my creativity to think outside the box when issues arise. My enthusiasm helps me to keep positive energy flowing in the team and my background in communication studies helps me to connect with the keypersons.

My ambition is to help innovate the government and public organisations, by using technology in such a way that it optimally serves both customers/clients and end-users.

  • Education
    • Master International Management
    • Bachelor Communication and Information Science