Jason Kirin

Juggler, ASL Interpreter, and Poet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Most recently I spend my time juggling, writing narratives and creating plays for the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative under the name Zero. A character from my upcoming poetry novel titled, "The Adventures of Zero and The Girl." A children's story, for adults.

I create juggling videos in an attempt to show, visually, what juggling feels like to me physically, emotionally.

-...Running From Zero...+, is a platform that concerns, primarily, creative thinking techniques, poetry forms, and most importantly it contains the philosophy of the title; to run from Zero is to run in the direction of judgment; to stay with Zero; I no longer become a number on timelines couched between the negative and the positive; it is Now; it is this moment fed to me by only my senses; it is calm; I've run from this place my whole life; anxiety; a dysfunctional; abusive; upbringing; acceptance was my key to no longer run and I found myself in a place where the world's volume turns down significantly.

I used to spend many nights on the stage, I am thankful to those who recorded video before the days of the Iphone.

"I am a practicing interpreter, however much of a flannel tongued one-night stander." - Dylan Thomas

  • Education
    • University of Pittsburgh
    • Church of Reason
    • New Orleans School for the Imagination