Jason Kirk

Washington State

The first time I really remember writing is when I was in 3rd grade. After finishing my homework for the evening - while still in class - I would kill time by making up stories and illustrating them while waiting for everyone else to catch up. My teacher called me a "space cadet" and I guess that stuck, too. I've been in love with science fact since I got my hands on a discarded book about the solar system at age 6, and science fiction since I read Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy at age 7. Adams' work, combined with the stand-up comedy of George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, also contributed to a lifelong love of laughter. (Three out of four ain't bad.)

Since 2005 I've been lucky enough to make a living by writing about other people playing poker. I spent much of that time in various capacities with Bluff Magazine, touring the country to provide coverage of live poker tournaments, serving as a radio and streaming-video producer for official coverage of the World Series of Poker, and conducting interviews with some of poker's brightest stars for magazine features about them and their projects. I've covered online tournaments for the PokerStars Blog since 2008, and I was a featured poker columnist at CalvinAyre.com from 2011 to 2014.

I'm a big hockey fan, too; I'm the former editor of FanSided Network's Predlines blog covering the National Hockey League franchise in Nashville, Tennessee, and I'm a sometime- contrbutor on the NHL at Ocelot Sports. I've also written a bit about music, art, food, and American culture for different outlets over that same time period.

I lived in Nashville, Tennessee, with my wife and two Westies before we moved to Washington state in 2014. During my last year in Nashville I wrote and performed original comedy material for adoring crowds of people waiting for me to finish so they could do their own five minutes.

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