Jason Liptak

My name is Jason Liptak, and I’m addicted to success.

That’s a claim that I’m sure many of us could readily make, as success is something we all strive for. Success leads to many things, including the accumulation of wealth and achievement of goals and dreams. Of course one could also argue that the achievement of goals and dreams leads to success – I suppose it’s a matter of perspective.

I’ve learned a lot about success in the last 20 years, and there have been a number of hard lessons.

Initially I worked toward that goal that everyone targets – complete freedom; the freedom that comes from being self-employed. As soon as I was done with high school I started my own business selling branded t-shirts to boutiques. After growing two successful companies in this manner over the course of several years I sold them off for a tidy profit. It was a start, but there was clearly more out there to be had.

I had my eyes on success, financial security and the freedom to see the world. I sought to be able to be anywhere, to go anywhere and enjoy the fruits of my labors. I opened a travel agency knowing that I could achieve all of these things. What I found with this business was only a partial fulfillment of my dream – the same dream that many of us share.

We choose complete freedom, with no physical office. We choose to avoid overhead expenses and we would prefer to avoid tethers of any kind. My travel agency, while successful, only delivers half of the life that I sought.

As I researched a way to supplement that in order to find the true lifestyle I had desired, I came across marketing.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been involved in numerous marketing campaigns and programs. I’ve tried a variety of marketing formats (direct, MLM, various online forms of marketing, etc). I’ve found success with some and everything from failure to mediocre “winnings” with others. The true discovery for me has been that marketing is the means to the lifestyle that we all desire.

The experiences I talk about have taught me that you cannot always win. Each stage in my life has brought me to a place where I am no longer afraid of conflict and failure. I embrace it, and I’m at peace with it – my acceptance of potential failure inspires