Jason Parks

Birmingham, Alabama

My passion lies in wanting to impact the world around me. Whether helping a new mom get back into her favorite skinny jeans or a former athlete get back into playing shape, I help clients realize that every human body is a sculpture waiting to be chiseled.

I am a fitness conceirge service. There is never a need to find a babysitter or pack a gym bag. Workout in the luxury of your own home or my favorite..... the beautiful landscape of the outdoors. Bring a friend or two and make it a group session or bundle it with my meal prep course to learn how to eat better for yourself and loved ones.

To truly enjoy a day off... a beach vacation... to meet the high demands of giving back to the world through our children and community... this is why I train clients. This is what M.A.D. Fitness (Make A Difference) is all about and it's nucleus.

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    • Personal Trainer & Fitness Consultant