Jason Martin

Born in Whitby Ontario, 1988, Jason Martin is a freelance videographer with a passion for story telling. Ever since he was a child, Jason has always wanted to tell stories for all walks of life. He began working with video in 2004 when a friend introduced him to Windows Movie Maker. Filming short bits of digital video with friends, Jason fell in love with the idea of making short films with basic tools. From there he started making web content for friends online and quickly adopted a reputation for video editing. After a few years of free-lanced work with friends online, Jason began to take on videography as a professional career with an education at Durham College. In his first semester, Jason already received Jobs from Professor Lon Appleby and Band Shotgun Ryan.

Jason has also been widely recognized for his ideas for all things art, entertainment and business. Known as “The idea guy” Jason has been a consultant for everything from marketing strategies, story concepts, inventions and even business practices. This is widely due to his out of the box thinking and constant need for something different.

Jason will show the world what it means to be create gold from led. His majestic beauty is something to behold for those daring to venture into his enigmatic genius.
Jason worked at a retirement home. He told stories about life and experiences that even the elderly could not comprehend. One time Jason rode a bike in an effort to save earth.