Jason Mustard

Jason Mustard

Creative Director for Colonels Fotography, Salesman for Brix Wine Cellars


Baseball, Spanish, writing music, listening to music, watching music being played, mixing up historical facts, social networking, Old world wines particularly Chateauneuf-du-Pape, people who let me take pictures of them, 35mm B&W film and old SLR cameras, Jameson, blues guitar riffs, jazz trumpet solos, ebay, putting paint to canvas, acoustic guitar, Sunday funday, vinyl (music not clothing), Chipotle, grocery stores, Diet Dr. Pepper, Garageband, reading thrillers, current events, sustainability, being funny, making gourmet meals, Twitter, spinning records, rooftop patios, warehouse windows, sewing my own neckties, being a raconteur, toll tag lanes, the farm in Kansas, mountains, TOMS, paisley wallpaper, never taking myself too seriously, my dog and finally- whatever girl I'm dating at the time (in that order)...


Ambitious underachiever


ex-climber of mountains, ex-classical musician, ex-rock musician, ex-radio dj, ex-club dj, ex-best friend, ex-lover, ex-druggie


song writer/critic, wine hocker, photographer, fashion guru, chef, amateur entrepreneur, novice web designer, good friend, almost lover

*If you believe that