Jason Nessa

Jason is a designer who was born and raised in the Hawkeye State (that’s Iowa).

He was introduced to the arts and started to draw at a very young age and enjoyed it very much. Those talents then reached to graphic and web design later on in his life.

Jason attended and graduated from the Art Institutes International Minnesota with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. He has worked with big companies such as Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx and iHeartMedia, and has worked for fast growing companies such as Sport Ngin and The Graphic Edge.

He specializes in brand identity, print, t-shirt designs, HTML, CSS, video editing & graphics, email campaigns, icon designs, and so much stuff to where it’ll keep this sentence going. Jason’s a self-taught visionary who is inspired by the world around him.

Whenever Jason has free time, his activities include: building graphical works, watch movies, read manga, Japanese giant monsters, college football, video games (old & new school games), disc golf, and escaping into the wilderness.