Jason N. Smith

I'm an educator, an author and a 100% language nut, or dork if you like. I love learning about new languages, cultures, and writing about a variety of things. I am always actively seeking different learning experiences with language and culture. I also love integrating technology in the classroom as it is a fundamental key to helping students experience language and culture in a more meaningful and "real-world" environment. Our truly global community requires we open our minds by learning new languages as well as about new cultures. I have always loved writing, but I believe my love for different cultures and languages has greatly influenced my desire to write. I love using my creativity to entertain others and I'm excited to have published my first book of poetry in Spanish and to be working on my first young adult novel.
I have been teaching for the past 11 years at the university, middle and secondary school levels. I began my teaching career at Auburn University while I was pursuing my Masters of Hispanic Studies. After finishing my graduate students at Auburn University, I taught French and Spanish in the Gwinnett County Public School system at Mill Creek High School. Throughout my time at Mill Creek High School, I grew and developed as both a teacher and a person. I learned to incorporate different methodologies and technologies thanks to collaboration with amazing colleagues. I am currently continuing my teaching career at The Westminster Schools teaching French and Spanish in the Upper Schools. I have already learned so much about teaching and being a better educator since I started at Westminster. I look forward to continuing to grow as an educator as well as mentor for Upper School students. I began my MA in French Language and Civilization the summer of 2013 at NYU Paris.