Jason O'Leary

Student and Graduate Research Associate in Phoenix, Arizona

I'm currently pursuing a PhD in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science & Technology within CSPO and SFIS at Arizona State University.

As a QESST scholar, I work with engineers, scientists, citizens, industry representatives, and policy makers on issues related to sustainability and emerging technologies.

My current research focuses on how both individuals and organizations make energy choices. As we transition renewable energy into the mix and increasingly rely on new technology for mineral acquisition, energy choices have become more contentious and more visible to the public (eg. shale gas). But better technology alone does not automatically lead to better outcomes.

Yet, consumers are also citizens. People care about having a say on issues like their environment, personal health, a viable economy, energy security and reliability, all at the same time. It's possible to envision an energy future that maintains a global ecosystem in which humans can survive and does so within budget, but is socially dystopic and unjust.

My research questions include: How do people's internal world-views affect their decisions about energy and what external factors affect those decisions? How do current economic and environmental models limit or contribute to the discourse? What other metrics can we use to measure the value of energy in society, renewable or otherwise?

To this end, I'm also studying informatics, analytics, and futures-based strategies for deliberation and policy formation to create better outcomes in society.

  • Work
    • Arizona State University
  • Education
    • Masters in Science & Technology Policy
    • Arizona State University