Jason Rosario

Jason Rosario is the Future. This man is an all around force who is destined for greatness. "One lock of hair will always be stronger than a strand of hair", at a very early age Jason was taught that the people who surround you are a direct reflection of who you are so this is why Jason surrounds himself at all time w intelligent people who compliment him and who are really good at what they do. By trade Jason Rosario wears many hats at times. From Graphic Artist to Film Director, from Music Producer to MC, from festival curator to entrepreneur Jason can sometimes find himself in a single day at the U.N. discussing world issues w/ ambassadors of countries to later in that same day discussing local issues on the neighborhood corners w/ the ambassadors of the streets effortlessly holding court in both venues. Born and raised in Paterson, N.J. and later during his teenage years in the Dominican Republic Rosario grew up learing both English and Spanish which in later years he realized was like a key to people's consciousness. He realized the importance of accents and he learned how to tap into peoples hearts just by mastering their dialects and folklore. Jason's favorite past time is listening to music, performing music, graphic arts and studying history. Jason sees many great things for himself in the future. In his future life he envisions himself in a great space being able to move around to travel the world, learn new languages, meet cool new people, surround himself around sophisticated minds and become a philanthropist. Jason believes that life is like a movie, we are the stars and the screenwriters at the same time. The power is in you to create the life that you want.