Jason Rozacky

Jason Rozacky - a security consultant has many positive qualities that make him a natural born leader. He currently owns his own business that focuses on business security and emergency operation plans. He recently launched a website for his company and hopes to continue to build it up and gain new customers over time. His goal is to provide the best possible security and plans possible.

Jason Rozacky knows that every good company needs to have an emergency operations plan. You might not think you will ever experience an emergency in the workplace, but anything can happen in this day and age and when you can’t get to your office to do business, you need to have an alternative location and plan to keep you company going.

He works hard and helps other people keep their businesses secure. When he isn’t working he enjoys spending his time outdoors. He has always enjoyed the outdoors and some of his favorite hobbies include fishing, especially deep sea fishing, hiking in the mountains and occasionally hunting. Being outdoors allows Jason Rozacky to relax and reflect and is something he looks forward to at the end of a busy week.