Jason R. Pena

McKinney Texas, United States

Digital branding, marketing andcreative design are a passion of mine. Digital brand development is quicklybecoming the main stage for companies of all sizes. Due to the immense growthin social media and digital marketing strategies, your personal and business onlinepresence is more important than ever.

I have gained over 12+ years in professional career experience that spans the spectrum of graphic design, social media, web design& development, and mobile user interface. My current focus is now on digital brand management and online marketing. I look forward to continued learning and development.

Currently I manage an amazing team of web designers for an international direct sales company, all while gaining valuable knowledge and experience in digital marketing and leadership.

Connecting with like-minded individuals is my overall goal. I believe in focusing my energy on small daily achievements and learning from my mistakes and I hope to create invaluable network partnerships along the way. Connect with me today. Interact with me tomorrow. Grow with me in the future. I look forward to new conversations.

Visit my portfolio - DesignVsCode.com