Jason Shattuck

Licensed Practical Nurse LPN in United States

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While studying Nursing at Westfield State University, Jason Shattuck found himself fascinated by the work of Sigmund Freud. His research on the legendary father of psychoanalysis helped to shape the course of his career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).Today, he continues to foster that fascination by providing fans of Freud with a place to discuss Freudian concepts and ideas. His Facebook group, “Inside Freud’s Consulting Room,” is home to intelligent and modern discussion on concepts in Freud’s terms. Shattuck is an avid reader of texts that dive deep into psychological and psychiatric discourse. Naturally, his favorite titles include: Beyond The Pleasure Principle, Totem and Taboo, The Interpretation of Dreams and On Mourning and Melancholia --all authored by his hero, Sigmund Freud.

Jason Shattuck’s career in the field of mental health began with his work as a Mental health Counselor / Psychiatric Technician. This entry level position was interesting… but for the focused Freudian thinker, it was only a taste of what was to come. At this point, Shattuck geared up to work as a nurse in the mental health and psychiatry field. The proud LPN expresses that his career path is founded in a genuine interest in psychology. He also enjoys and deeply values his opportunity to help others while working with talented fellow nurses. Shattuck has his mother to thank for inspiring his career as a Nurse. Growing up, he admired her strength and intelligence as a Nurse herself.