jason sornsuwan

Born and raised in Colorado, photographer Jason Sornsuwan, has been photographing people, places and everything else in between since high school. An artist above all else, Jason loves what he does and is ever thankful to be able to do it for a living. Jason loves the creation process and strives for perfection in all his work.

Jason is married to his high school sweetheart, Desiree. Together, they live in southwest suburbs of Denver, Colorado where they get to watch the sun set across the beautiful Rocky Mountains (weather permitting, it is Colorado after all…).

It wasn’t until his high school years that Jason discovered his passion for the art. Prior to his late discovery, Jason had dabbled in the arts with different media, but it wasn’t until he developed his first roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 film that he discovered his true calling. Since high school Jason has been traveling down a road of self discovery, learning his craft mostly through reading and good old fashioned trial and error. Jason graduated from the Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado where he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, while in college a majority of his studies were dedicated to photography, graphic design and art history.

Jason’s photography combines a clean technical proficiency, intuition and patience to create his eclectic style. Through his methods he adjusts his style to the meet the needs of each individual client.