jason steele

A visionary dedicated to momentum and business systems, Jason B Steele a startup entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Prosocia Ventures Inc., the company that has formed ApartmentAgencé and a network of other social & web driven real estate sites. Jason is fuel by inventing marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness in social media, PR, innovative advertising, and stategic marketing.

Although he states that "being face-to-face can never be replaced," internet technology and social environments are key pivot points to Jason's business philosophy. As a web developer and marketer at heart, Jason leverages this knowledge as the catalyst to advance both personal projects and business partnerships to the next level.

With a degree in Psychology & Communications Media, Jason uses his love for people, knowledge of "what makes people 'tick'," and drive to understand what compells people to make decisions to advance his ventures and engage in new start-ups in the future.